3D Printing Articulated Mesh Fabrics

3D Printing Articulated Mesh Fabrics


Francis Bitonti | Francis Bitonti Studio


  • Basic understanding of the mechanics of 3D printing
  • Introduction to designing articulated fabrics
  • Introduction to Grasshopper for Rhino

Prerequisites + Preparation:

  • This course is suitable for all Creative Professionals: Artists, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Programmers, and Students.
  • All experience levels are welcome; however, we recommend that you are familiar with the Basics of modeling in Rhino.
  • You will need to have Rhino5 for Windows and Grasshopper 0.9.0058 installed prior to the start of the course.

3D Printing Articulated Mesh Fabrics

About This Online Course:

This course will introduce students to modeling articulated fabrics using Grasshopper and prepare files to be 3D printed with a variety of 3D printing technologies. In these introductory course students gain insights into existing 3D printing technologies and techniques for modeling articulated fabrics in a digital environment.

About The Instructor:

Francis Bitonti is ushering in a new manufacturing paradigm through his innovative use of computational design techniques and emerging manufacturing technologies. “I see technology as deeply connected to being human.” says Bitonti, the multidisciplinary designer and founder behind Francis Bitonti Studio.

Bitonti’s design process is a blend of cutting edge digital design and manufacturing technologies, aimed to transform mass production. Looking instead to the future of manufacturing; mass customization, Bitonti sees computational design, smart materials, and interactive environments as opportunities to create new aesthetic languages for our built environment and he has taken that vision and applied it to a wide range of disciplines ranging from architecture to product design to fashion.