Algorithmic Design

with Grasshopper


  • What's an algorithm and how do I define one?
  • Isn't Grasshopper already a "Graphical Algorithm Editor"? How is an Algorithmic Design different from Parametric Design?
  • What is the difference between incremental versus all-at-once execution? What creative opportunities does each provide?
  • I have a few simple transformations within my sketch. How can I compound them to discover new forms?

Prerequisites + Preparation:

  • This course is suitable for all Creative Professionals: Artists, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Programmers, Students.
  • All experience levels are welcome; however, we recommend that you are familiar with the Basics of Grasshopper. See our online courses for more information.
  • You will need to have Rhino 4SR9 or Rhino5 for Windows and Grasshopper 0.9.0014 installed prior to the start of the course.

About the Instructors:

Ronnie Parsons + Gil Akos are founding partners of Mode Collective. With over 15 years of combined experience designing, making, and teaching, Ronnie and Gil aim to provide workshop participants with a fun, interactive, and productive workshop experience.

About this Online Course:

Algorithms are an integral part of working with Grasshopper, but how you approach their use will dramatically alter your creative process. This course will focus on creating algorithms using lists and transformations in Grasshopper, iteratively developing geometries inspired by nature. Through a series of short presentations and “live” case studies, learn strategies to discover forms that are defined by simple rules and incremental creation.

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Algorithmic Design

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